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Joe VanKuren's Pet Spa and Salon

A typical day at our Pet Spa and Salon includes:
Pre-Spa Brush Out, Pedicure, Ear Cleansing and Plucking, and Anal Gland Expression.
Then it’s off to the luxury Pet Spa area for bathing, creme rinsing, coat conditioning and towel drying. The finishing salon includes, Clipping and Styling, De-matting, Blow drying, fine trimming and touch ups, adorning of bandanas and bows, a healthy treat, a personal Furry Friend Report Card and Perfect Little Angel Certificate.
 All of our guests are walked and watered during their Spa stay with us.

We kindly require that all guests bring in documentation that an up to date Rabies Vaccine has been given, a fecal examination was performed in the past year and that the Bordetella Vaccine is current within the previous 6 months. This is to ensure good health for all guests at GPACC.